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Denmark has been developing sustainable, energy efficient solutions for many years, with the main focus on combining quality, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. This makes Danish suppliers valuable partners that offer you a high level of know-how and experience.

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Danish Export - Water China is part of Danish Export Association – the largest organizer of export networks in Denmark with +600 member companies.

The network of suppliers in Water China gives you access to a full range of services within the water industry and is able provide you with system solutions, reducing your time and costs spent on searching for suppliers.

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The Danish suppliers operate within all facets of the water industry, whether it is ground water, drinking water, process water, wastewater, urban water issues etc.


The U-S-E Water Project is bringing Danish water technology to China and creates awareness about Danish solutions trough a wide range of activities. Read about the project here

Danish actors operating within the water/environmental sector in China

Danish Export - Water China work with several Danish organisations, associations and public authorities in the water/environmental sector. 

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White paper: Sustainable urban drainage systems
Get an overview of how rainwater can be used as a resource to create resilient and liveable cities through Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

White paper: Ensuring great-tasting and safe tap water 24 Hours a day
Get an overview of methods for water utilities to improve water quality, increase resource efficiency and ensure uninterrupted service to customers.

White paper: Rethinking pools to boost quality and reduce costs
Get an overview of safe swimming pool solutions that ensure high water quality and minimised use of both energy and chlorine.

White paper: Greater water security with groundwater
Get an overview of methods and examples of Danish expertise in groundwater mapping and sustainable groundwater management.

White paper: Reducing urban water loss (Non-Revenue Water)
Get an overview of steps and methods to reduce urban water leakage (non-revenue water) which is a major problem for many cities around the world.

White paper: Efficient solutions for treatment of wastewater
Get an overview of methods to ensure a cost-efficient wastewater infrastructure and utilise wastewater as a resource to produce energy.

White paper: Rethinking urban water for new value in cities
Get an overview of methods and case examples of how to rethink urban development and gain greater value from investments in the city’s blue infrastructure.

White paper: Implementing Integrated Water Resources Management
Get an overview of methods for implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) to address complex water challenges.

White paper: Improving water efficiency in food and beverage
Get an overview of methods and best practice examples on how to improve water efficiency in the food and beverage industry.

For more information: www.stateofgreen.com